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Research Assistance: Industry Websites

Industry Websites

A collection of Industry-specific websites to help you with your study or see below for popular screen research resources.

Popular Screen Resources


Search the world's largest database of film and television titles, actors, directors, producers, and other crew members


ShotDeck is the largest library of high-definition fully searchable movie images in the world.

This professional tool helps people working in the Film and Advertising industries find inspiration, build references, and easily create “decks” for every stage of a project: pitch, prep, and production.

Encore Directory

Australian film and TV production directory. No longer updated, but still a useful place to check for contact information.

Box Office Mojo

International box office news and analysis.

Experts Guide

Journalists can send enquiries instantly to dozens of PR reps and experts around Australia. Nominate a deadline and experts will contact you.
Includes PR contact list for various organisations if you have a general enquiry or want to know more about the expertise or capabilities of the organisation.

The Production Book

Online directory for the Australian film, television, advertising and multimedia industries.

Includes cast, crew, suppliers and production information.


Comprehensive casting resource for Australia and New Zealand.

The Black List

The Black List is an annual survey of unproduced screenplays - the website connects screenwriters to potential readers, buyers and employers. The podcast and blog feature reviews, inspiration, planning advice for writers, story structure assistance, and thoughtful retrospectives on classic and forgotten films. Check out Go Into The Story for insightful round tables and interviews with screenwriters.

KFTV Directory

Find contact details for over 40,000 international production services companies from 173 countries.


Browse, search, and watch TV & Movies from over 150 services, Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Disney+, Prime Video, Free Services and more!