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ShotDeck: Home

What is ShotDeck?

ShotDeck is the largest library of high-definition fully searchable movie images in the world.

This professional tool helps people working in the Film and Advertising industries find inspiration, build references, and easily create “decks” for every stage of a project: pitch, prep, and production.

Access to ShotDeck

As an AFTRS Staff member or Student, access to ShotDeck can be provided via the AFTRS Library.

Due to the license used to subscribe to ShotDeck only a certain number of Staff and Students can have access at any one time.

If you would like access to ShotDeck, please fill out the below form and the AFTRS Library will contact you shortly.

Please note: Access to ShotDeck is provided by the AFTRS Library and can be terminated at any time with no warning.

Request Access to ShotDeck