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Research Assistance: How to Find Peer-Reviewed Articles

How to Find Peer-Reviewed Articles

Follow the guide below to find peer-reviewed articles to complete your assignments. 

What are Peer-Reviewed Articles?

What are peer-reviewed articles?

These are articles that have been assessed and examined by professionals in the field before they are approved to be published. They are used to present the most recent research. 

Features of a peer-reviewed article

Peer-reviewed articles will contain:

  • An abstract - what the article is about. 
  • An introduction - what the purpose of the article is. 
  • Literature Review - Identifies other research from other works on the topic. 
  • Methodology - Identifies what method the author used to conduct the research. 
  • Data collection - How the data was collected and stored. 
  • Analysis - Provides an analysis of the findings. 
  • Conclusions - The author provides a summary of the findings, what conclusions they came to, and makes recommendations. 
  • References - A complete list of all the work used to inform the research. 


How to Find Peer-Review Articles

How to Find Peer-Reviewed Articles?

Step. 1.

Visit the Library Database page. This is where you will go to search for Peer-reviewed articles. 

Step 2. 

Choose a Database from the list and log in using your Moodle credentials. 

Step 3. 

Tick the box that says 'Peer-reviewed' this will ensure that you only retrieve results that are peer-reviewed. 

Step 4. 

Type in your search terms and search for your articles.