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Covid -19 Support


Taking care of your personal wellbeing and having good self-care routines is more important than ever right now, so we have gathered some resources, hints and tips to help get you through.

It’s ok to not feel ok at the moment – if you need support please reach out.

I am always happy to chat (you can get me via TeamsLouise Hope), you can reach out to Jake and Sharon in Student Centre (book a meeting with them here) and we have our own amazing Counsellor, Rachel (you can book a meeting with her here).



Stress & Rumination: lots of people are worried about the current situation for a variety of reasons – uncertainty and not knowing is often a key driver of worry, stress and anxiety. Mindfulness and meditation have been proven to reduce stress and anxiety – findings that are backed by lots of research. We have partnered with Headspace to offer all staff and students free access to the Headspace App. You can expect to see an email in your inbox in the next few days with a link inviting you to sign up. 

 Sleep: Quite a few people I’ve spoken to have mentioned they are struggling with sleep. It’s perhaps not surprising as vitamin D really helps with quality of sleep – and given we’re all stuck inside for longer periods, its highly likely your vitamin D levels have dropped. Check out this article discussing vitamin D and sleep, along with some helpful tips to increase your vitamin D levels.  Also check out this great article from The Conversation with some other hints and tips that you might find helpful.  The Headspace app also has some great sleep meditations that are guaranteed to help you drift into a restful sleep.

 Eye Care: as we spend more time online and at our screens, some people are experiencing headaches and dry eyes. Check out these great tips from The College of Optometrists. Some people are finding relief from blue light glasses – glasses with lenses specifically designed to block blue light from screens.

 Isolation & Loneliness: a number of the AFTRS community are doing lockdown alone. Many of the AFTRS community are away from their families, partners and friends. Please take a minute to call one of your peers – Nell referred to it last week as relational tending – and it is just as important as any task you need to complete today. 

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