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The Curated Collection: 2021 Vision

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Our first Curated Collection for the year: 2021 Vision is all about fortune telling and predictions for the new you in this new year.  Come and marvel at Jambi the genie in his beautiful bedazzled box️. Surrounding him are framed film stills of movie psychics as well as popular tools of clairvoyance including: tarot cards, crystal balls, dice, astrology and palmistry books, a ouija board, the magic 8-ball, fortune telling tea cups and even the classic 'miracle fish'.

As always, you can look but don’t touch. However you’re welcome to tap away at our WHEEL OF FISH fortune-telling game!

Film highlights

Return to Oz

Book highlights

Book of Dreams by Federico Fellini
Elegant nightmares: the English ghost story from Le Fanu to Blackwood by Jack Sullivan
The Wizard of Oz by Salman Rushdie
The World of Oz by Allen Eyles

Guess the Film

While you’re checking out the display, why not enter our GUESS THE FILM competition and win a mystery prize?