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Student Subscriptions

Welcome to EduTV

With over 50,000‚Äč programs and growing, Informit EduTV provides content across a range of learning areas.

As well as documentaries, Informit EduTV includes programs broadcast on pay TV channels such as The History Channel, National Geographic, BBC Knowledge and Discovery.

To watch films on EduTV you will need to sign in to EduTV to be identified as AFTRS staff or student, which means you will have to create an account.

Click here for the How to create an EduTV Account Guide.

This account is unique to EduTV and you must have an ‘’ OR  ‘’ email address.

When registering, you will need to select the Australian Film, Television and  Radio School (AFTRS) as the library that is offering you EduTV.

Your EduTV Account should now be created and an email will be sent to your AFTRS email address.

Click the link to verify your account.

If you have any problems please contact the library  or check out the EduTV help page and tick Informit EduTV.