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Indigenous Library Resources at AFTRS

Indigenous consultation trailer

"Inspired by the rise and rise of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander storytelling, the Australian Film Television and Radio School has collaborated with some of Australia’s most prolific and experienced filmmakers to offer insights into the process of consultation, protocols and collaborative practices. Australian storytellers who want to make a film with Indigenous characters, direct a documentary focusing on the Indigenous community, or write a script with Indigenous material needs to be familiar with these principles and incorporate these practices." -- AFTRS website.

Felicity Abbott - Production Designer

Dianne Appleby - Cultural Coordinator

Paul Bell - Director & Camera Operator

Darren Dale - Producer

Rolf de Heer - Director

Pat Fiske - Producer & Director

Steven Francis - Composer

Veronica Fury - Producer

Roland Gallois - Editor

EJ Garrett - Producer, Writer & Director

Trevor Graham - Producer & Director

Ryan Griffen - Writer & Producer

Davris Hasan - Cinematographer

Denise Haselm - Editor & Producer

Peter Hegedus - Writer, Producer & Director

Graeme Issac - Producer

Donald Johannessen - Producer & Journalist

Ned Lander - Writer, Producer & Director

Samantha Lang - Director

Peter Malatesta - Props Master

Danial Marsden - Director & Writer

Nathan Mayfield - Producer

Penelope McDonald - Writer, Director & Producer

Richard McGarth - 1st Assistant Director

Steven McGregor - Director & Writer

Catriona McKenzie - Director

Ljudan Michaelis-Thorpe - Writer, Producer, Director & Indigenous Consultant

Trisha Morton-Thomas - Producer, Writer, Director & Actor + Rachel Clements - Producer & Writer

Helen Morrison - Producer

Tom Murray - Writer, Producer & Director

Rachel Perkins - Director, Writer & Producer

Stephen Pigram - Producer & Musician

Murray Power - Writer & Producer

Sally Riley - Head of Scripted Production, ABC TV

Dylan River - Director, Writer, Composer & Cinematographer

Sarah Stollman - Production Designer

Warwick Thornton - Director, Writer & Cinematographer

Mitch Torres - Writer, Producer & Director

Neil Turner - Manager of PAKAM (Pilbara & Kimberley Aboriginal Media)

Douglas Watkin - Director

Dot West - Writer, Producer & Script Supervisor

Kimberley West - Director & Editor

Peter White - Advisor - First Peoples Cultural and Creative Development

Adrian Wills - Director & Writer

Tom Zubrycki - Producer, Director & Cinematographer