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Student Life

Student Member Of AFTRS Council

The School is governed by a council known as the Council of the Australian Film, Television and Radio School (AFTRS).

The AFTRS Council is made up of three members appointed by the Governor-General, three members appointed by the AFTRS Council (i.e. members of Convocation), the Director of the School (i.e. AFTRS CEO), a staff member elected by AFTRS staff members, and a student of the School elected by the students of the School.

Members of the Council are appointed for their skillset. The elected student member offers Council the skillset that the student member brings with their experience as a school student.

The student member is not intended to be a representative of the entire student body, nor do they lobby Council on behalf of students; instead, their membership provides Council with the skillset of student insight in its deliberations that is characteristic of an AFTRS student member from their experience.

The term of the Student Member of Council is for a period of 1 year from the date of commencement (or less if they cease to be a student of the School).

The Student Member of Council will need to attend at a minimum, five Council meetings in the year and one Council Strategy day, attend Academic Board meetings, and be an ex-offico member of the Student Representative Committee, attending those meetings also.

The position of Student Member of Council is remunerated. A fee of $26,340 (before tax) is paid for a full term served. If the Council member does not complete the term, they will be paid on a pro-rata basis for the time served.

The election process for the Student Member of Council will begin with the Nomination Process:

Part A – Nomination Submission (an online process), progressing to Part B – Nomination Acceptance/Consent (an offline process).

Once the candidates are finalised, the Ballots will be distributed to the student body (an online process), with the ballot closing on election day 5pm 8 April 2021— 14 days after ballot distribution.

AFTRS will use an electronic election system, ElectionBuddy to manage the online components of the election and provide scrutiny over results.

For more information about the Student Member of AFTRS Council and process got to Moodle page link