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Video Essays: The Video Essay

The Video Essay

The Video Essay

The video essay focuses is the same as a written essay, but in video form, it relates to topics on film and comments on film as its own language. They have a similar structure to the written essay, including an introduction, body, and conclusion. 

How to structure a Video essay

How to Structure a Video Essay?


What is Neorealism?

How to Clip & Download ClickView

Using ClickView Clips for your Assignments

The Library has a collection of off-air recordings that can be viewed at AFTRS as well as remotely using AFTRS login credentials. The collection includes a number of Films, Television series, Documentaries, and short films.  Off-air Recordings can also be clipped and used in assignments.

Option 1: Clips

ClickView allows all users to make clips of videos that you can then link to or embed. These clips cannot be downloaded.

Option 2: Download

If you would like to download videos from the ClickView Library to cut yourself for use in your assignments, please fill out the form and a library member will contact you with a new temporary sign-in that will allow you to download them.

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Videoessay Compilations