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Timelines: Timelines



Timelines are a visual representation of events that appear in chronological order. The amount of information you include can be determined by the assignment brief. You will need to provide a reference list that shows where you got the information to build your timeline.

Timelines typically include the following:

  • Dates in sequential order of each event
  • Details of each significant event
  • Paraphrases or direct quotes taken from reputable sources
  • Pictures or other imagery

Formatting a Report

Example of a Timeline

This is an example of a timeline of the history of AFTRS.

Reference List

AFTRS. (2022). The Origins of One of the Best Film Schools in the World. 


Programs to build your timeline

Creating your Timeline

There are several programs you may wish to consider using to build your timeline. Always check with your lecturer which they would prefer.

  • Microsoft WORD - Use the Insert Smart Art option to use a template, or download one here.
  • PowerPoint - download a template here.
  • Padlet -  Use this free online content creation tool to create a timeline. Click here to create a Padlet.
  • Genial - Use this free online content creation tool to create an interactive timeline. Click here to create a Genial.