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Formatting your assignments: Formatting your Assignments

Formatting your Assignments

Formatting your Assignments

There are common style conventions that should be applied when formatting your assignments. Check with your lecturer or assignment brief if there is a recommended style. If not, follow the tips below on how to format your assignments.

General Guidelines

These are some general guidelines on how to format your assignments. 

Choice of Font

  • Use a standard clear and readable font, consider Calibri, Arial, Times New Roman, or Verdana. Fonts should be consistent throughout your assignment. 
  • Colours - Standard Black and White, if you want to include more colours stick to a maximum of three and be consistent when colouring your headings. 
  • Font Size - 11p or 12p


  • Justify your alignment
  • Assign 1.5 spacing between sentences


  • Make headings Bold
  • Essays don’t usually need subheadings; reports usually do.

Title page / Cover Page

  • The title of the assignment 
  • The course/unit name and number
  • The due date
  • Your full name, student number/identifier
  • On this page the text should be centred. 
  • Word count


  • If you are including figures, you may wish to use a contents page. Ensure figures are numbered correctly according to APA Guidelines. - 
  • Figure 1., Figure 2, etc. 


Insert a header on all pages except the title page

  • Your last name, first name
  • Your student number
  • The course code or number


  • Include page numbers on all pages except for the title page.

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