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Critical Thinking : Critical Analysis

What is Critical Analysis?

What is Critical Analysis?

Critical Analysis is part of Critical Thinking. Once you have learnt to think critically you can analyse information by dissecting it into components to discuss, showing how each component interrelates. Often when writing a critical analysis for an assignment it will require you to explain a concept or multiple concepts and how they connect with each other. You will also need to reiterate these ideas and make it clear to the reader what you are saying.

Sometimes students make good points in their assignments but fail to develop them.
After one or two sentences setting out the idea they move on to another. Good academic communication involves exploring ideas thoroughly and explaining them in detail," (Wallace, Schirato & Bright, 1999, p. 89). 

For more on building solid arguments in assignments see Building Arguments 

Why use Critical Analysis?

Why are we asked to use Critical Analysis?

Learning to look at a body of work or a subject and noting how all the individual pieces of information about that topic relate to one another means gaining a strong knowledge of the subject.

A strong knowledge of subject matter leads to the ability to have independent ideas and opinions.

This independence of thought will enable you to have a true understanding of a subject, enabling you to create solid content and become leaders in your area of expertise. 

Video on how to Critically Analyse

This is a great video explaining Critical Analysis and provides examples of what it is and how to you could write critically in your assignments.