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Intro to Editing


These call numbers indicate the section in the library where you will find resources related to Editing.

Come in and browse the shelves!

778.5235 Editing - Film & Video
778.53 Cinematography
778.535 Editing - Motion Pictures
778.593 Editing - Digital Video



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  • Use this guide as a starting point for your research into film editing.

  • Find information on the fundamentals of editing, post-production tools and footage, where in the AFTRS library to find editing resources, and more.

  • Use the navigation panel on the left to find books, journals and online resources.

BAFTA Guru Interview:

Walter Murch: On Editing

The film & sound editor behind Apocalypse Now and The English Patient talks the importance of rhythm, the relationship between editing and dance and how digital film has transformed his work.