AMOHG is the only Australian interest group specialising in audiovisual media-related oral history.

Over its 30-year history its members have recorded more than 450 oral histories for the National Film and Sound Archive (NFSA), preserving the memories of media practitioners, commentators and theorists in a vast range of diverse roles.

It continues to develop its national role, outreach and activity – for instance by recording the stories of people who have been pioneering new ground in our New Media Oral History project, collaborating with other archival agencies and trialling new techniques and technology.

A continuing concern of AMOHG is that the huge library of oral history in the collection of NFSA – over 6,000 recordings – is little known and therefore little used. AMOHG supports the provision of adequate resources and funding for the Archive by Government so that this hidden national treasure can be brought to light.

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