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Time Management : Time Management

Time Management

There are 168 hours in a week, which may seem like a lot but with work, life commitments, and assignments due, it is important to plan your time carefully. Follow the steps below to make a personal schedule and manage your time more effectively!  

Time Management

The Plan

Look at the Bigger Picture

Step 1. Map out your calendar with semester dates, assignment due dates, and personal events. 

Step 2. Identify your commitments. Include:

  • Classes
  • Travel time
  • Meal preparation and meal times
  • Work hours
  • Family responsibilities
  • Recreation activities 

Step 3. Use a Weekly Planner and add these commitments. You can use the Weekly Planner template to identify what spare time you have. 

Fig 1. Sample Weekly Schedule

Set Goals

Set Goals

Setting goals will give you focus, and direction. Use the SMART goal setting criteria.

  • Specific - What do you want to achieve? 
  • Measurable - How will you know when you have achieved the goal? 
  • Achievable - Is it possible to achieve the goal? Are there weaknesses that you will need to address?
  • Realistic -  Be realistic! Can you achieve the goal? Or do you need to break it down into smaller goals?
  • Time- based - When do you want to have completed the goal? This is where you will need to be realistic about your schedule! 

Identify your Priorities

Identify your Priorities

Using your SMART goals and Weekly Planner you have created, you can now turn to work out your priorities. Use the Eisenhower decision matrix below to determine WHAT needs to be done and WHEN. Make sure you leave room for unexpected situations. 



Now that you've set your plan, you need to keep up your motivation to achieve your goals. 

  • Before you start your day, begin by reviewing your schedule. This will keep you focused and on track!
  • Remember to reward yourself as you hit small milestones.
  • Choose your study space wisely! Minimise your distractions. 


Setting a Schedule



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