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Presentations: Presentations



Presentations are a creative way for students to present information on a topic, communicate processes, report findings, and more. They are interactive and are usually given using a visual aid, such as PowerPoint or Genially.

As with other types of assignments, there are some key components that need to be included in your presentation.

  • Introduction - Tell the audience what the presentation is about, what is the purpose of the presentation and introduce yourself.
  • Body of the presentation - Include the main content that you are communicating to the audience. Include infographics, tables, images, sounds, videos, charts, and supporting evidence to keep the audience engaged.
  • Conclusion - Ensure that your presentation concludes with any recommendations and a final summary of the main points addressed in your presentation. 
  • An opportunity for the audience to ask questions (optional) 

Using PowerPoint for Presentations

PowerPoint for Presentations

PowerPoint is a WORD processing software that allows you to insert graphics, images, embed sound, videos, and narrations.

Watch the video below to find out more about creating PowerPoint presentations.