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Research Rabbit

Research Rabbit allows you to curate, explore, and organise your research in an easy-to-use and intuitive way. You can create collections of sources, share them with others, and discover similar sources.

Using Research Rabbit

Using Research Rabbit

The site allows users to create collections based on their research focus. You can start by looking up a title, DOI, PMID, or keywords, find the paper in the results, and add it to your collection. You can expand the details of the paper by displaying the paper's abstract and comments you've written. From there, selecting a paper will allow you to explore similar papers, references in your original paper, and citations in your original paper. You can also explore additional works by the paper's author and suggested authors, as well as linked content. 

The site also lets you organise your collections. You can rename, categorise, duplicate, and delete collections. You can choose to make your collections public by sharing them or keep them private. Additionally, you can decide the permissions you grant - read-only or can add papers. You can add comments to the papers, filter through your collection, and add description to the collections.

The unique map feature allows you to visualise the relationship between papers, represented as circles on the map. Research Rabbit will draw connections between papers that reference each other, as well as colour code them. Papers come in three colours: green, which are the papers in your collection; and blue, the papers that Research Rabbit recommends. The colour shading is dictated by the level of information the site has on the paper: the darker the circle, the more information Research Rabbit has access to. When circles are completely white, then the site has no information on them. Exploring papers through the map can lead you into further and more specific research, essentially taking you "down the rabbit hole".

Signing Up

To sign up for Research Rabbit, just enter your email and password! The site will then ask for your name, role, institution, subject area of focus, and how you learnt of them. Then, you'll be good to go, no payment needed!

Click here to sign up.

Connect to Zotero

You can connect your Zotero account and import your research collection onto Research Rabbit. Zotero is a free personal research assistant that can help collect, cite, organise, annotate, and share research.

You can read more about Zotero on our LibGuide.