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Diversity Groups : Inclusion Network Groups

Inclusion Network

Network groups have been established at AFTRS to bring staff and students together to foster belonging and ensure a support network in the AFTRS community, as well as providing a safe space for information and ideas sharing to empower members, both within AFTRS and in the wider industry.

Each network group plays a critical role at AFTRS by:

  1. Delivering one funded key project per year designed to build capability, knowledge, awareness and understanding at AFTRS
  2. Providing input into annual Inclusion Plans, and other relevant strategies, to ensure lived experience is always considered and real and meaningful actions are being taken to improve inclusion at AFTRS
  3. Providing feedback, thoughts and input to improve the curriculum, classroom, production and workplace.

There are six network groups that you can join at AFTRS:

P&C Representative 
        Staff           Chair 
Student Chair 
Executive Champion

Access (Neuro-diverse / Disability)    

Rachel Roberts

River Heart

Kyle Goldfinch

David Balfour


Wendy Le

Gary Paramanathan  


Con Apostolopoulos

First Nations

Sharon Zeeman    

George Coles

Nazareth Alfred

Romaine Moreton


River Heart 

Annie Wright

Milena Romanin

Kyle Goldfinch

Troy Kelly

Mature Age (50+)

Chris MacIldowie

Maree McMahon

Mel Avanzado

John St Quintin


Hayley Brown

Jane Newton

Mollie MacGregor

Nell Greenwood

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