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The Student Centre

Printing a Statement of Results

Students can print out a STATEMENT OF RESULTS from the Student Portal at any time. It will includes all results that are released as at the date of issue.

This Statement of Results is an AFTRS branded pdf which lists:

  • Student Details
  • All enrolled and completed units
  • Mark and Grades per unit
  • Credit Points Earned

This document was created so students were able to provide documentation that showed their grades/show progression in their course.  

Creating a Statement of Results

Once you have logged into Student Portal Paradigm , you will see the summary page with your photo and student details

A the bottom you will see an ACTIONS button  - if you click on the button,  the Statement of Results link will appear and you click on it to generate a pdf form.

Please note that semester grades are not uploaded into the Student Portal until after Grade Panels for each subject, held at the end of each semester.

If formal documentation is required

For current students, formal documentation can be provided via a Statement of Attainment, which outlines the completed units and grades.   A fee may be charged to create, so please contact the Student Centre for more information.

  • A Statement of Attainment is usually provided to any student withdrawing from a course who had completed units. 

For Graduates, you will receive an Academic Transcript and TESTAMUR on completion and conferred of your degree by AFTRS Council.    

Confirmation of Enrolment Letter

If required, the Student Centre can also provide a Letter of Enrolment to confirm a student’s enrolment in a course together with start/end dates. 

This is often required for Centrelink or external scholarships, and can be sent out with a Statement of Results slip as further verification of student status.