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Policies & Procedures

We want your feedback.

Student feedback is vital for the continued improvement of the overall AFTRS student experience. There are a number of ways that AFTRS students can provide feedback.

1. Student Centre: You can meet with a Student Engagement Manager to provide your feedback and discuss possible options. Click here to make an appointment.

2. Student Curriculum Partners and Student Representative Committee: You can pass on your feedback to your relevant student representative.

3. Course and Subject Surveys: You can provide specific feedback about your course or a specific subject by completing the course and subject surveys.

4. Anonymous Survey: You can use this survey link to provide feedback, raise a concern or even give us a compliment at any time. Please ensure your comments are respectful and consistent with the expectations of the AFTRS Student Code of Conduct.

5. Racism Reporter: You can use this survey link to provide anonymous feedback on any experiences with racism you may have had or witnessed at AFTRS.


If you have a problem or concern about which you wish to make a complaint, you can lodge your complaint with a Student Engagement Manager, Director of People & Culture, a student representative or the Director of Teaching & Learning.

The Student Centre can advise you if your complaint is an academic or non-academic matter.

The Director of People & Culture will make an initial assessment to determine whether the complaint falls within the scope of the AFTRS Student Complaint Policy and will determine who in the School is best placed to deal with the complaint and refer you appropriately.

For more information about the complaints policy and process please refer to Section 14 of the AFTRS Student Handbook.


Students may appeal decisions related to academic assessment, exclusion from a course of study or failure to meet academic requirements.

Appeals against an assessment result must be lodged with your Course Convenor within five days of the results being posted online on the grounds that:

  • assessment requirements were varied without consultation or in an unreasonable way;
  • assessment requirements were applied in a discriminatory way; or
  • due regard was not paid to evidence of illness or misadventure advised during the semester that purports to explain poor performance in the subject.

Documentary evidence should be supplied where relevant. If the Convenor believes further investigation is warranted, they may convene the Academic Appeals Committee.

For more information about academic appeals and the investigation process, please refer to Section 8 of the AFTRS Student Handbook

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