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Student Support

Internships, placements, traineeships and attachments are a great way to gain invaluable on-the-job experience, insights and connections before you graduate.

We encourage and facilitate both paid and unpaid opportunities across professional internships, work placements, traineeships and attachments associated with a range of industry organisations, broadcasters and production companies.

The internships and placements may be competitive, sourced by you or through a staff member. This can be an excellent way to fill up your CV to give you an edge when entering the industry after you graduate. It can also be an opportunity to learn about roles, companies, productions and whole sectors of the industry you didn’t even know about!

It is important that any internship/placement/traineeship you are considering is lawful and beneficial to you.

  • AFTRS complies with the Fair Work Act 2009 and is consistent with the Fair Work Ombudsman Fact Sheets and other information. View the AFTRS Student Placement and Internships policy here.
  • Your Industry Managers (Students) can help to ensure any opportunities you come across fit within the policy. 

We send out a semi-regular email newsletter, “Industry Opportunities” to your AFTRS email.  This is filled with competitions, offers, events, jobs and internships so keep an eye out for it. 

If you come across an opportunity, please reach out to the Industry team and we can help! We are here to help build the bridge between the industry and the students.

We can also help with:

  • CV, Cover Letter, Application assistance, proofreading and editing
  • Interviews, Pitching and Networking Prep & Coaching 
  • General career advice

To give you an overview, opportunities tend to fall into four categories:

1) Paid Internship and Traineeship Programs (lawful paid work)

An example is our Graduate Program, where industry organisations offer 12-week paid internships to final-year Bachelor of Arts Screen: Production students, commencing once your studies are complete. This program is competitive, and AFTRS facilitates the application and shortlisting process. Our industry partners in 2020 included Endemol Shine Australia, Fremantle Media, ABC, SBS and Sky News.

2) Unpaid Internship Programs (lawful unpaid work)

This is where a company has a structured program in place for unpaid interns who are currently studying or have recently completed studies and students can be covered by AFTRS insurance. We do not facilitate these opportunities if they appear to have minimal or no educational benefits or are positions that could be taken by a paid employee.

3) Professional and Work Placements

These are generally unpaid placements undertaken as a requirement of an AFTRS course. Currently, our Master of Arts Screen students are required to complete a minimum of 40 hours of professional placement. Our Graduate Diploma in Radio students are required to complete a one-week work placement. Students on professional and work placements will be covered by AFTRS insurance and placement paperwork that must be completed prior to the placement commencing.

4) Industry Attachments

These are formal attachments onto specific productions, that are part of the State and Federal Government’s conditions for giving production companies money. These are full time and usually extend for several weeks/months so are generally only appropriate once you graduate – although some may work in the longer summer holidays. To be eligible you need to be on the Agencies Attachment register – so you should check these out and get registered.

The Screen NSW one can be found here:

4) Competitions, Paid Jobs and Other Opportunities

We will occasionally partner with industry organisations to run competitions for our students or graduates to further their industry experience and exposure.