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From the Vault

Old Titles is a biweekly feature highlighting underappreciated treasures in the library collections. Check in regularly to see what you've been missing!



Beamafilm is an Australian movie streaming service to which the library holds a subscription. It hosts a carefully curated collection of approximately 500 award-winning documentaries, independent features and festival favourites, with a strong showing of Australian content. Many of their films can only be found on the Beamafilm platform.

You can find Beamafilm by clicking on any of the highlights below, or by visiting the Streaming node of our Online Resources page. Use your AFTRS login to watch Beamafilm movies anytime, anywhere and on any internet connected device.

The library staff have noted difficulties in loading Beamafilm on Chrome, so try switching browsers if you have connection problems.

Highlights include:

Folio Collection

The AFTRS Library Folio Collection houses over 280 unique books about art, photography, architecture, film, and many other subjects.

These oversized coffee table-style books contain high quality images and hard to find information about topics not found in the general AFTRS Library collection.

Located at the front entrance of the Library, the Folio Collection can be browsed in the library or taken home for more in-depth study.



Highlights include:

Cinema 16

Cinema16 release classic & award winning short films on DVD.

The compilations they release feature short films from famous directors such as Christopher Nolan, Tim Burton, Ridley Scott, Guillermo del Toro, Jean-Luc Godard, Mike Leigh and George Lucas, as well as work by less well known names. Most of the films also feature commentary tracks, usually by the director.


Highlights include:


Informit EduTV

With over 50,000​ programs and growing, Informit EduTV provides content across a range of learning areas.

As well as documentaries, Informit EduTV includes programs broadcast on pay TV channels such as The History Channel, National Geographic, BBC Knowledge and Discovery.

To watch films on EduTV you will need to sign in to EduTV and be identified as AFTRS staff or student, which means you will have to create an account.

Click here for the How to create an EduTV Account Guide.

Highlights include:

American Cinematographer


American Cinematographer is a magazine published monthly by the American Society of Cinematographers. It focuses on the art and craft of cinematography, covering domestic and foreign feature productions, television productions, short films, music videos and commercials.

The library's collection dates back to 1925. Recent issues are in the front sitting area with the other current magazines. Early issues are generally kept in off-site storage and can be retrieved upon request, but for the next few weeks they will be available in the library. Just ask a librarian to take a look!

You can also access digital copies going back to 1972 using the library's access to the FIAF Database, which you can find in our Online Resources page. 

Highlights include:



The AFTRS Library CD collection houses over 1,000 titles, primarily focusing on film and television soundtracks.

CDs are located in front of the library desk and are available for staff and students on a 7 day loan.

Click here to view the complete collection of CD's 

Highlights include:

Literary Works


The Literary Works collection is mainly composed of novels and nonfiction books that have been adapted for the screen. 

It's an interesting browse for anyone interested in adaptations, and contains quite a few gems for those in need of a spot of nontechnical reading.

The collection is located at the back wall of the library, next to the staff workroom entrance.


Highlights include:

Graphic Novels


Graphic Novels use the interplay of text and illustration in a comic strip format to tell a story. 

The AFTRS Library graphic novel collection houses over 80 unique and interesting books ranging from well known superhero franchises and iconic comic book heroes to non fiction narratives of real crime. 

The library's graphic novels can be found shelved at 741.5 (under the Starstruck poster) and are available to be borrowed.

Highlights include:

Uncle Bruce Pascoe

Uncle Bruce Pascoe is an award-winning Australian writer, editor and anthologist. He is of Bunurong, Yuin and Tasmanian heritage.

His career has spanned teaching, farming, bartending, writing, working on an archaeological site, and researching Aboriginal languages. Uncle Bruce has written more than 20 books. His non-fiction book, Dark Emu (2014), won the Book of the Year and Indigenous Writers’ Prize in the 2016 NSW Premier’s Literary Awards, and in 2018 he was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award for Literature from the Australia Council for the Arts.

Uncle Bruce’s other books include Night Animals, Fox, Shark, Nightjar, Ocean, Bloke, Convincing Ground: Learning to Fall in Love with Your Country and Fog a Dox and the recently released children’s version of Dark Emu, Young Dark Emu.

Uncle Bruce was the inaugural Elder in Residence at AFTRS, and lives on Country looking after the land.

A selection of his books are available for checkout.


Highlights include:

Lapham's Quarterly

Lapham's Quarterly is a literary magazine established in 2007 by former Harper's Magazine editor Lewis H. Lapham.

Each issue examines a theme using primary source material from history. It's a fascinating source of inspiration, featuring excerpts from work by such writers and thinkers as Dorothy Parker, Hannah Arendt, Mark Twain, and Blaise Pascal. No piece is longer than 6 pages, and text is interspersed with maps, charts and brilliant full-colour reproductions of relevant artwork. The magazine is thoughtfully curated, connecting past literature, art and philosophy to current topics of interest and concern. 

The library's issues of Lapham's Quarterly can be found shelved at 900/LAPH/1, along the back windows.


Highlights include:

Off-air Recordings

The AFTRS Library Off-air recording collection has over 1,300 titles that you can stream free of charge to your mobile, tablet or computer. With a wide assortment of content including feature films, documentaries, television series, shorts and educational videos recorded from a variety of Free-to-air and Pay TV channels there is something for everyone.

Recorded under the Screenrights statutory licence for libraries and schools, programs found in the Off-air Recording Collection can be used in creating clips, video essays and student projects, provided it is for educational purposes and will not be screened or distributed publicly.

Some recent highlights include:

  1. Game of Thrones, Season 8 
  2. Free Solo
  3. Will Australia ever have a black prime minister?
  4. Leaving Neverland 
  5. Hawke: The larrikin and the leader

To view the complete collection of off-air recordings click here

If you would like to request an off-air recording to be added to our collection, please email