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AFTRS Library New Titles. On display 1 March to 15 March 2019


Five Highlights

A star is born (2018)

Directed by Bradley Cooper
A musician helps a young singer find fame, even as age and alcoholism send his own career into a downward spiral.

Seduction: Sex, Lies and Stardom in Howard Hughes's Hollywood

Karina Longworth, creator of the popular podcast 'You Must Remember This' probes the inner workings of Hollywood’s glamorous golden age through the stories of some of the dozens of actresses pursued by Howard Hughes, to reveal how the millionaire mogul’s obsessions with sex, power and publicity trapped, abused, or benefitted women who dreamt of screen stardom.

Ladies in Black (2018)

Directed by Bruce Beresford
Set in the summer of 1959, when the impact of European migration and the rise of women's liberation is about to change Australia forever, Lisa, aged sixteen, takes a holiday job at the prestigious Sydney department store, Goodes. There she meets the "ladies in black", when she is assigned to assist sales ladies Patty and Fay. Beguiled and influenced by Magda, the vivacious manager of the high-fashion boutique Model Gowns, Lisa is awakened to a world of possibilities. As she grows from a bookish schoolgirl into a glamorous and positive young woman, the impact they have on each other will change all their lives.

True Detective: critical essays on the HBO series

Throughout its limited run beginning in 2014, the HBO series True Detective has presented viewers with unique takes on the American crime drama on television, marked by literary and cinematic influences, heavyweight performances, and an experimental approach to the genre. This book includes a breadth of scholarly chapters that cross disciplinary boundaries, interrogate a range of topics, and ultimately promise to further contribute to critical debates surrounding the series.