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What is Essay Structure?

Essay structure means that there is a format or template for types of writing. It is a way of outlining what you will say in your assessment that keeps your writing on track and helps you organise your thoughts. It can otherwise be known as an Essay Plan.

Writing an essay plan is very useful as a lot of the hard work when it comes to assessment writing is nutting out what to say. Once you have a plan for each paragraph the actual writing can seem a lot less daunting. 

Most essays include some form of introduction, body and conclusion.

INTRODUCTION Outline what you intend to say, your main argument or what your topic is about. This should include a comprehensive, brief overview of the whole essay. 

BODY Here is where you will include the main bulk of your writings. Your arguments, critiques, analysis or reflections. 

CONCLUSION In the conclusion you will sum up what you have said in your assessment. You shouldn't introduce any new ideas or topics in your conclusion as it acts as a place where you can wrap up your argument by reiterating your points. 

Essays and assessments will have varying and more elaborate versions of the above depending on the type of writing you have been asked to do.

Below are some examples of types of essays you might be asked to write. Always check with your lecturer on the layout that they would like to see.

Argumentative Essay

Critical Reflection Essay