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What is time management?


In an ideal world you’d complete your assignments with time to put them aside, come back to them a few days later, look over them, make any changes or improvements and hand them in early, with no pressure.

But we all know the reality is that with all of life’s commitments and activities, projects on our “to do” list can often be left to the last minute. This can lead to stress and anxiety and often a less than perfect assignment to hand in!

However, by implementing just a few small organisation strategies you can learn how to complete tasks in a timely manner and stay on top of your work.

How can we manage our time?

START BY PLANNING: LOOK AT THE BIG PICTURE You will feel much more on top of things if you have a clear view of what your term looks like and what assignments, events or commitments you have coming up.


MAP out all your commitments on a calendar or timeline [Jason to write about planning]



TIP: If you’re feeling really overwhelmed with the amount of work you have to do. Note down every single task, no matter how small, in a list. Look at the list and choose small, easy tasks that you can achieve quickly. Just do them! Then physically cross them off your list. That visual of your list shrinking will motivate you to keep going with the list. Try to do at least one of the small jobs per day. More if you can!

TIP: Break down bigger projects into smaller tasks to complete. Try completing one of the smaller chunks each few days and you’ll find the project will start to take shape before you know it.