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Student Life

Student Representative Committee


The AFTRS Student Representative Committee (SRC) is a committee entirely run by the student body, to represent the School's students. The SRC is responsible for providing student feedback to AFTRS staff about their experience at the school, the quality of its higher education programs, teaching and resourcing, and non-academic issues and developing extra-curricular activities.

The SRC and its members will act as a communication channel from the School to the student cohort. The committee will organise and promote events that bring the student body together. It will be responsible for managing and allocating funds for student-initiated activities where appropriate and contributing to internal and external reviews if required.

Each year group on a degree program at the School will be represented by one representative — a total of nine elected positions, plus the ex-offico member, the student member of AFTRS Council. The SRC chooses the SRC Chair in the first scheduled meeting of the new SRC for the year and adopts the committee’s Terms of Reference.

The SRC meets regularly during the year, a minimum of four times, with the SRC setting the schedule.  The minutes of those meetings are reported to the Director of People and Culture for review and comment and are provided to AFTRS Executive for feedback on the SRC issues raised. The minutes will be provided to the ASQC for noting.

The process to elect the SRC members in 2021 will mirror on the most part the regulated Council elections as best practice.

For more information about the Student Representative Committee and process got to Moodle page link