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Policies & Procedures


The Student Handbook covers what to do and who to talk to if you are ill, think you’ll be late with an assignment, require special consideration, or have a course related problem. If you have any questions please contact the Student Engagement Managers or your Course Leader.

Special Consideration

Special consideration is intended to provide equitable treatment for students whose performance in an assessment task has been significantly affected by extenuating or special circumstances beyond their control such as illness, misadventure, or other circumstances. It is granted for a specific period of time only as outlined in the approved Special Consideration application; all other terms outlined in the approved form must be followed.


Circumstance For Eligibility

Potential circumstances may include:

  • Short term illness at least 5 days duration of moderate severity.         
  • Serious illness or psychological condition.
  • Hardship or trauma.
  • Loss or bereavement.
  • Exceptional employment demands.

Not valid circumstances may include:

  •   Minor ailments or illness where you are still capable of completing the assessment task.
  • Balancing workload or work commitments.      
  • Public transport delays.
  • Personal events such as weddings or birthdays or travel plans.           
  • Events that occurred an unreasonable length of time in the past.

Late applications may be lodged only in exceptional circumstances. Such requests must be supported by documentary evidence for the late submission.

Knowingly making false or misleading claims of extenuating circumstances or altering or falsifying any documentary evidence (e.g. medical certificate, professional authority form, or other supporting documentation) may be considered an act of student misconduct.

If the terms of Special Consideration have elapsed, they will need to be reviewed and revised in conjunction with the Student Centre.

Possible Study Adjustments

The following may be possible study adjustments:

  • An extension.
  • Re-weighting of other assessment.      
  • Another assessment task.
  • Supplementary work.

Applications for special consideration are to be lodged with a Student Engagement Manager who will facilitate approval from the Head of Learning & Student Experience or their delegate and communication to the Course/Subject Leader, Head of Discipline or lecturer. You will need to provide alternate dates for assignments or details of other adjustments if required. Where necessary, alternative coursework may be authorised by the Director of Teaching & Learning.

Approved alterations to assessment requirements, either extension of the due date or alternative tasks, are to be clearly defined in the Special Consideration form or an accompanying learning contract. Review of assessments tasks will be carried out under normal assessment and progression rules.

Variation to the agreed arrangements would need the approval of the Director of Teaching & Learning or delegate.

If you are not able to meet the revised date to submit assignments you must alert the Course/Subject Leader, Head of Discipline or lecturer prior to the revised due date.

Students who have failed or failed to submit an assignment due to illness or misadventure and are granted special consideration after submission will be provided with support identified in a learning contract and the opportunity to complete the original or alternate assessment as deemed appropriate in a timely manner.