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Policies & Procedures

Leave For Industry Experience

In some circumstances, students may be approved to be absent from studies for longer than 20% of total course time if they are pursuing significant professional opportunities. Applications must be received at least one week prior to the planned absence, by submission of a Leave for Industry Experience Request form to your Couse Leader. This form is available here.

Your application must identify how the proposed opportunity meets the following two professional practice eligibility criteria:

  1. The proposed activity constitutes a unique opportunity that can only be undertaken during semester dates.
  2. The proposed activity is with established industry professionals.

Absence will not be approved for students intending to undertake work on other student productions (regardless of course level) or to work on independent creative projects that could be scheduled at another time.

To have leave approved you must also provide details of how you plan to meet assessment requirements while away from the School (by the due date via the submission method specified in your Course Outline). Extensions to assignment dates will be authorised for students only in exceptional circumstances and will be on a case-by-case basis.

In most circumstances, the maximum approved leave period will be no more than four weeks in any one semester and the Course Leader will consider your academic performance to date when making their determination. The decision of the Course Leader regarding the application will be final.

If you undertake leave for approved industry experience any additional absences during that semester (excluding documented medical leave and absence due to compelling or compassionate circumstances) may be subject to additional scrutiny.

You may only apply for one approved leave period per semester.

If you are unable to attend classes for a period of time longer than one-third of the learning and teaching activities in a subject or course in a semester, you may be advised to withdraw from the program or take a leave of absence – depending on the course and your academic performance to date.

Leave for Industry Experience is not available to international students.