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Policies & Procedures

Guidelines For Leave Of Absence

A Leave of Absence will only be granted once throughout your course unless exceptional circumstances apply.

A Leave of Absence for BA, MAS and MASB

  • You are expected to progress through your program with your cohort.
  • However, a Leave of Absence may be approved in exceptional circumstances where you have made satisfactory progress in the course to date or;
  • Passed all subjects in the semester preceding the semester(s) you want to be absent for.
  • Applications may be denied if there are any incomplete or failed subjects. In such cases, students will be asked to complete work prior to a leave of absence application being approved

For Masters of Arts: Screen Year 2 students only

  • Students involved in Capstone A projects may be invited to attend specific pitching sessions during the Semester before their return, at the discretion of the Course Leader and Director of Curriculum & Student Registrar.
  • Capstone Rules including those regarding funding will be enforced as per the new cohort. Existing funding arrangements will cease once leave of absence is approved.

Graduate Diploma in Radio full-time & part time

  • A Leave of Absence is only available under exceptional circumstances. If you have successfully completed your first semester of study but are unable to continue due to serious illness or misadventure.
  • Resuming your place in the course in the following year will be subject to resource availability.


  • If a student takes a Leave of Absence before the census date set for their units of study, they can withdraw without financial liability.
  • If there is a request to withdraw after the Census date (Late Withdrawal), the student will be financially liable to pay the full subject/semester fee.

Late Withdrawal

  • In exceptional circumstances only, a student enrolled in a full-time course may be approved to take ‘late’ Leave of Absence post-census date in a given semester.
  • Late Withdrawal usually requires compelling reason, substantiated by evidence as to the reason for the withdrawal.
  • Upon return, the student must commence the whole semester again including re-taking any subjects in that semester that may have already been successfully passed.
  • AFTRS progression rules are based on successful completion of an enrolled semester (as per Course Progression Rules in Student Handbook) and AFTRS does not allow full-time students to return from Leave of Absence in a part-time capacity.