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Production & Resources


Access is available via the Ground Level & Level 1. Accessible parking is available in the Ground Level of the Entertainment Quarter multi-level car park. There is limited accessible parking at the rear of the AFTRS building with access via Level 1. If you require access, please contact the Student Centre.


The lift, which is located in the foyer, operates to Levels G, 1 and 2. ID access card is then required to enter office areas and lecture rooms. The goods lift (near studios 4 and 5) will only operate with an ID access card. The goods hoist is for goods only and should only be operated by those who have training on its operation.

Security of Belongings

We suggest you ensure you look after your belongings when attending classes. Leaving them unattended provides the opportunity for thieves to steal.

  • If you are leaving your lecture room, desk or work area, do not leave your belongings unattended. Leave them with a friend.
  • Keep bags and valuables within sight or with you.
  • Lock items up in your student locker (link to Lockers page) which you can keep for the duration of your course.
  • Do not leave items in teaching rooms or studios as others may be able to enter these rooms with their security passes.

If you cannot locate your property, check with Security or Student Centre to see if someone has handed it in. Should a theft or an incident occur, report it to Security located at Reception.

AFTRS Telephone Use

Phones are available in common areas for internal use only. AFTRS internal numbers are listed in the Corporate Directory which can be accessed by pressing the Directories button on the phone.

Health and Safety (WHS)

AFTRS has policy and procedures concerning WHS and you have a responsibility to ensure you comply with WHS policies and that your acts do not cause harm to yourselves or others. Hazards, injury and incidents should be reported directly to any staff member and in an incident report. Report any hazards, injuries or incident using Jira (Add Jira Link).

For more information contact any staff member or:

Head of Facilities: (02) 9805 6421

Student Centre: (02) 9805 6444

First Aid

You can access a current list of emergency phone numbers and first aid at AFTRS Reception on the ground floor. If you are injured or ill during normal hours and require first aid, seek the assistance of AFTRS First Aid Officers who have currently certified qualifications.

The names of AFTRS First Aid Officers can be found on noticeboards and near photocopiers. They are also listed next to the first aid kits. If you can’t locate help, ask your lecturer to help with finding first aid assistance or call Reception on extension 611 or Security on 577. If you are injured or ill at AFTRS outside normal hours you can contact Security as all officers are trained in first aid.


Smoking is not permitted in the AFTRS building or within 10 Metres of any entrance, this includes any balconies and the seating area near the front entrance. There is a designated smoking area at the rear of the building. 

Building Maintenance

Email any problems to do with the building to or speak directly to Reception


There is a fire drill each semester to practice the following procedure:

  • When the initial evacuation alarm sounds remain where you are and await further instructions from staff emergency wardens.
  • The evacuate alarm will say evacuate.
  • Leave by the nearest available exit including fire exits.
  • Proceed directly to the Meeting Point at the other side of the park in front of Brent Street Dance studios.

Information about emergency procedures and emergency exit maps are located around the building.