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Orientation 2021

Congratulations and welcome to AFTRS! You are now a part of the AFTRS Community and the AFTRS story.

Taking your place amongst a long line of illustrious alumni that came before you, we are expecting big things!! Each one of you has been offered a place based on your ability to craft and tell an engaging, authentic and meaningful story and each place has been well deserved.

Since it first opened its doors in 1973, AFTRS has played a major role in shaping the Australian film, television and radio landscape. Our school is an exciting place to learn, to be challenged and to grow your craft and creativity. You will learn, collaborate and network with each other, and build professional relationships that will continue into the future.

Use your time here to experiment and learn from both your successes and failures as you continue your journey towards becoming Australia’s next generation of storytellers. We look forward to seeing the boundless creativity you will show through your work whilst you are here and after you graduate.

Getting Yourself Set Up

You will have received your Student Number and AFTRS Email so now you can set yourself up on AFTRS systems.

Please click on the links below for detailed instructions on getting set up with the following: 

1. Network Account

2. Student Email

3. Moodle

4. Student Portal Paradigm

5. Timetables

6. Adobe Creative Cloud (BA only)

7. Download Zoom app

8. Travel Concession

9. Student ID Photo

10. AFTRS Fees 

MASB Mid Year Intake Orientation Session 21 July 2021

The Orientation session for the incoming MASB students this July is being held on Zoom at the start of your first lesson.

You will need to log into Moodle to join with the link for the Orientation session listed under Week 1 , 21 July resources


O-Week Recorded Sessions from February 2021

A number of the O-Week sessions in February 2021 were recorded and have been placed on Moodle for you to review, catch up and enjoy again. 

Orientation 2021 on Moodle

  • Welcome to AFTRS - Nell Greenwood and David Balfour - Mon 15 Feb
  • Keynote Speaker Artist in Residence Lynette Wallworth - Wed 17 Feb 
  • Getting To Know the Student Centre - Mon 15 Feb 
  • Getting to Know the Library with Hayley Brown - Thu 18 Feb
  • BA - Your Learning with Joe Hepworth - Wed 17 Feb
  • BA - Introduction to Moodle for BA with Julia Avenell - Wed 17 Feb
  • MAS - Introduction to the MAS Staff - Mon 15 Feb
  • MAS - Student Learning Plans with Susan Danta - Tue 16 Feb
  • MAS - Introduction to Moodle for Masters Students with Julia Avenell - Mon 15 Feb
  • MAS - Masters Timetable Session with Susan Danta &  Louise Hajjar - Tues 15 Feb
  • MAS - Post Production Storage with Milena Romanin - Tue 15 Feb